reviews simplisafe alarms – What is your family’s security worth?

Your family’s security is priceless. Crime and break-ins are increasing in many areas and the peace of mind that this security system provides if priceless.

You don’t need to wait one more day to ensure your family’s security. Now, you can have a very affordable and simple system that you can install yourself. No more expensive installations and long-term commitments and sky-high monitoring service.

I must be from Missouri…you have to show me! Well, SimpliSafe showed me. I had read about how easy and inexpensive it is to install their system, I just had to try it.

It Works!

Just that simple. It may be a bit optimistic to say that you can install it in 15 minutes, but it is so easy to do. The beauty is that it actually does work and works well.

I just ordered it from Amazon. It came a couple days later and I opened the box.

  1. Open the box
  2. Read the instructions
  3. Plug the base into the electric outlet.
  4. Install the door and window sensors (they provide a page to mark which is which)
  5. Place the main console on a convenient wall
  6. ALL components have peel off attaches, or you can use the screws that come with it.
  7. Install the main room sensor (install in a room where someone would most likely enter.
  8. Install the camera (if you want one)
  9. Use the App to set up the sensors and control panel
  10. Walla! You have a SimpliSafe alarm system!

How does it work?

Really easy and simple…that’s why they call it SimpliSafe! A Fob is included so that you don’t even have to use the control panel (I have never used the control panel, but I know it works).

I use the app on my iPhone to turn it off and on (my wife carries the fob).

When we go to bed at night, I just hit the “Off” button on the phone app and hit “home” and the blue light comes on and she announces “Alarm on…home.” Next morning, just hit “off.”

That’s it. The Easiest alarm system I’ve ever had and I have had several.

Does it have monitoring?

Of course…the beauty is that full monitoring is only $24.95 a month! I was paying nearly $100 a month with ADT and they charged me $1500 to install it and I had to make a 3-year commitment.

No commitments with SimpliSafe. You own it! If you are a renter, it is ideal as there are no permanent mounts and it is easy to remove without damage to the property. It is wireless, so there is no need for additional wiring


I love it! Would never have anything else. If I move, I just take the system with me!

Get your SimpliSafe Alarm system here today. Don’t waste another night worrying about it. Your family’s security can be had without waiting for one more day…do it now and rest easy tonight!



is wealthy affiliate legitimate – a critical review

If you are like me, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing and have nothing to show for it except credit card bills!

I have looked at about everything on the internet that is offering a way to make money. Have found tons of them, none of which worked. I spent thousands of dollars a couple years ago into a scam that is now being investigated and will probably be shut down.


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What is included in Free?

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There has to be a catch?

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Training? Unbelievable what you get. I found out I didn’t even know how to set up a website. Here I learned all I had ever wanted to know.

Support? Loads of help from the company plus thousands of fellow members, many who are great techies and offer fantastic assistance.


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