House alarm systems -the best one

More and more homes are being equipped with burglar and fire alarms.

What makes a great alarm system?

  1. Most important, it works!
  2. It is easy to use
  3. It is reasonable to own
  4. It is monitored by a reliable service

Most important, it works!

Amazingly, some alarm systems just don’t work properly. They are complicated. They are difficult to operate.

Sometimes, the alerts go off for no reason, or they don’t pick up when a door or window is opened.

Many times, the remote “fobs” just don’t work. You want an alarm system that you can depend on. You don’t want to spend time in trying to make sure it is set properly.

You don’t want to be away and find out your alarm went off accidentally and you can’t reset it.

I have recently found one that works 100% of the time!

I have found that SimpliSafe system is the most reliable, reasonable and less expensive system I have found. You will love it and it is so easy to operate.

It is easy to use

The last thing you want in an alarm system is one that is complicated.

You want a system that you can have a “Fob”, or can be used with a cell phone app.

You want a “Fob” so that you can walk out the door, push a button and the alarm is set. No complicated security codes. No running to the pad to disarm it.

You want a Fob or Phone app that you can push the button when you arrive home and disarm the alarm before you enter the house.

It’s reasonable to own.

I purchased a system from a well-known company a few years ago. It cost me $1,500 to install, and nearly $100 a month to monitor! Nearly sent me to the poor house!

The one I use now cost less than $300 and only $24.95 a month for professional monitoring. I installed it in less than an hour and didn’t pay anyone a penny to install it!

It must be monitored by a reliable company

I have 24/7 monitoring by a professional service who calls me if there is an alarm and if I don’t answer, they call the police. That’s the system you need.


The SimpliSafe alarm system is THE best system possible. You’ll love it.




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4 thoughts on “House alarm systems -the best one

  1. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for that well written article about house alarm systems that are desirable.
    I completely agree with you. It feels bad to invest heavily on something and continue spending on it but get little or no value out of it.
    On the other hand, a simple effective and affordable option, is always welcome. The “simpliSafe systems-the-best-one” does it come with a wi-fi enabled feature to stream events at home while away?
    Boniface from SmileAfresh

    1. Thanks. 

      It comes with an app & a remote.  We never use the keypad. 

      Let me know if you have any questions. 


  2. Great article. However, can you recommend one house alarm system that has all the features you have mentioned in this article?

    1. I have checked them all. I haven’t found one yet with all these features anywhere near the price. I have personally had this one for over 6 months and it has worked perfectly without one problem.
      I strongly recommend it.

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