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I want to share an experience, not a tour!

Many people have read the Bible and read the stories of the Apostles of the Early Church and their missionary journeys that founded the Christian faith.

Is this all a legend, like some gods and goddesses of the day? Is this a fictional story drafted by some creative people?

No, this is a historical fact, but not only is it a historical fact but it is also backed up by archaeology and recent discoveries.

As with the Holy Land (Israel), people have a strong desire to visit the roots of their beliefs, which you can now do.

What is the best way to visit these sites?

Cruise ship
Cruise ship

The ship is the very best way.

I have been arranging tours for over 50 years and I have found the best way is by cruise ship. You travel at night and do your sightseeing during the day.

Can you see all the sites? Most of the major ones, yes. Is the cost cheaper than on a land tour? Similar, but the inclusions and convenience make it very cost-effective.

All meals are included on a cruise. Only breakfast and dinners are included on a land tour.

What is included in this cruise program? Airfare from New York (domestic add-on cities can be added), deluxe accommodations onboard the ship, all meals, sightseeing with an English-speaking guide, entrance fees, and transfers to and from the airports.

What is NOT included? Drinks (coffee, tea, and water are included with meals), tips to guides and cruise staff, visa fees (if any), items of a personal nature, and passports.

What will we see on this cruise?

Greek Village
Greek Village

Beautiful Greek Islands.

So let me give you a sample itinerary, as there are other cruises with different itineraries.

Journeys of Paul Cruise

And you will depart from New York, or you may select your hometown as the departure (additional costs) and will fly across the Atlantic to your destination in Europe, in this case, it will be Rome, Italy. I am attaching a brochure for this trip.

We have other dates with different itineraries; because, this will give you some ideas of the itinerary, the ship, the inclusions, and exclusions.

What’s the difference between traveling with me and other tour companies?

Other companies will give you a tour, I will give you a life-changing experience! Our guides and staff make all the difference in the world.

So once you have traveled with us, you will want to come back again and again. We have references from travelers who have traveled with us many times and love the experience.

I just had one group leader who just returned from the Holy Land with over 50 people. Best one ever! and he has traveled with me 50 times in the last 40 years. That’s the difference!

Experience and expertise…

We know how!
We know-how!

For over 50 years I have arranged pilgrimages around the world and have thousands of satisfied clients. That’s the kind of experience you are looking for and the kind of experience we provide.

This exciting news will make you happy, because of our experience and buying power, we will show you how by taking a few friends and family, you can travel at little or no cost!

The beauty is your people are not paying for your trip! We are able to book group fares with the airlines, hotels, and providers and allow your people to take advantage of our buying power and provide you with the quality of experience you would never expect.

I took a pastor to the Holy Land who came back and when I asked him how the trip went, he replied: “it is better felt than telt”!

You must experience one of our pilgrimages for yourself.

While there is no video, no brochure, no amount of talking that will take the place of experiencing it for yourself.So we provide brochures (like the one you see in the link), and materials to help you promote your group and assist you in all the planning of your experience, while not easy, neither is it complicated.

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So, I look forward to hearing from you today so that I can share my experience with you.

Joe T. White ThD
Joe T. White ThD

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